Sports Improvement

  Tiger Woods is an excellent example of an incredible athlete who has used hypnosis to achieve a phenomenal level of success in his sport. He has reportedly been utilizing powerful self-hypnosis techniques since he was 13. Not only has he used Sports Hypnosis to visualize every swing and stroke in his mind before executing it on the course, he also uses it to "get in the zone".  

Self-hypnosis methods have helped him quiet his mind, release any anxiety, and become 100% focused as he plays the game. Such laser focus can be especially important in a game like golf where onlookers and other things can be very distracting. 

Tiger Woods has clearly shown how powerful hypnosis can be to conquer his own mind and achieve extremely high levels of success. 

As Tiger Woods can attest, guided imagery (or "visualization") is an effective self-hypnosis technique which can help athletes perform better. 

A gymnast may visualize him/herself going through every movement of his/her routine over and over in his/her mind. 

A basketball player may visualize him/herself making a perfect free throw shot hundreds of times. 

By using self-hypnosis techniques, these athletes are conditioning their minds and their bodies to carry out the movements in reality just as they have performed them hundreds of times in their minds. 

Without a doubt, it is the mind that determines the outcome of our performance and behavior. Working with me, you will benefit from multiple principles and cutting edge hypnosis techniques specifically tailored for you and your sport.  

In-person office sessions are available by appointment. I also do hypnosis sessions for professional, amateur and occasional athletes worldwide by Skype with great success.  

 I normally take my athletes through a 5 to 10 session protocol. In that process, most importantly, we clear all of the mental baggage that interferes with achieving peak performance: useless limiting beliefs, faulty programs, old hurts/injuries, etc.   

In addition, the athlete learns: intention, self-empowerment, thought control, emotional mastery, self-hypnosis, and how to increase self-confidence. Those skills develop mental toughness and lead athletes to the gateway of "the zone".    

When we are through, the athlete is able to keep him/herself clear, continue to build confidence with these tools and apply it all to other areas of life. I am most proud that this training helps a lot of young athletes build solid life skills through sport.

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