Past Life Regression

Explore your Spiritual Journey across Multiple Lifetimes.

 Although many people accept the principle of reincarnation -- that we are eternal beings, animating many different human bodies and personalities across the ages – many do not realize the profound, complex, and subtle ways that our past life experiences impact our current life and personality.  

With the rapid and dramatically effective approach known as past life regression, clients retrieve their own memories of their prior lifetimes with the help of a professional hypnotist. By unearthing and processing the memories, we release the experiences that are blocking effectiveness in the current life, as well as reinforce the talents and lessons carried forward from prior personalities.   

This website is a place to learn more about past life therapy and the many areas where it has been successfully applied to current life challenges.  It is a resource for those who are new to the idea of past lives, as well as those who are very familiar with theories of reincarnation.  The website addresses several questions about past life therapy, and hopefully dispels a few myths about it too!  Blog postings and spiritual quotes make it an ongoing resource.    

 Understanding and working with our prior lifetimes brings such enrichment to our current lives.  This can lead to significant transformations in how we view ourselves and the world.  It is, in fact, highly spiritual work.  Clients report a new perspective: a greater realization of the eternal nature of their being, their connection to others, and a closer experience of the love-filled energy that underlies all life. 

 Is Past Life Regression for you?  Ask yourself the 25 questions below:


Is Past Life Regression for you? 

  1. Have you met someone for the first time and felt like you had an instant bond or attraction?
  2. Do you have enduring conflict with close family members?
  3. Do you have chronic physical ailments that the doctors can’t seem to resolve?
  4. Are there certain parts of the world you ‘must see’ or are never interested in visiting?
  5. Do you repeat the same challenging pattern in relationships, over and over, despite your best efforts?
  6. Do you struggle with your weight?
  7. Are you afraid to commit to a love relationship?
  8. Are there certain talents and skills that you just ‘come by naturally?’
  9. Do you have unusual birthmarks?
  10. Are you searching for your life purpose?
  11. Do you feel like you’ll never find your life partner?
  12. Have you had an immediate negative reaction to someone for no apparent reason?
  13. Are you afraid to, or have difficulty, having children?
  14. Would  you like to experience the kind of spiritual connection many NDE (near  death experience) survivors describe, without the trauma?
  15. Are you challenged with enduring grief over the loss of a loved one who has died?
  16. Do you have numerous injuries or accidents?
  17. Do you have recurring dreams, especially with the same people, places, or situations occurring?
  18. Are there certain time periods that fascinate you?  (WWI, Czarist Russia, the Italian Renaissance, for example?)
  19. Would you like to lose your fear of death?
  20. Do you wonder who is in your ‘soul group?’
  21. Do you have unexplained phobias?
  22. Have you battled with depression, guilt, or anxiety that doesn’t point clearly to current life issues?
  23. Would you like to deepen your spiritual connection?
  24. Are you challenged by self-limiting attitudes and beliefs?
  25. Are you just really curious about past lives?

 If you answered ‘yes’ to five or more of these, then you might want to consider a past life session of your own.  



I offer both in-office sessions in Boca Raton, Florida, or remotely using internet video conferencing. I have worked with people all over the world remotely and have found this works just as well as in-office sessions.  It also provides the convenience of no travel, so if you are out of my area, read through the remote session information after all the general session information. 

 General Information on Past Life Sessions 

I offer a self-contained, stand-alone session that runs from 2 to 2½ hours.  Typically we spend about ½ hour preparing for the regression, 1½  hours in the regression itself, and then some time afterward for follow up and processing of the material that came up.  I provide an audio recording of the regression for you after the session.  

 How Many Sessions are Needed? 

Whether you are interested in past life work out of curiosity and a desire to explore, or if you have a specific issue you want to address, most people find that a single session meets their needs quite well.  If your goal is to work out a particularly complex issue, at times we find this will chain back over many lifetimes, and additional sessions can be helpful.  A number of clients also choose to return again at a later time to work on another issue or deepen their exploration. If you decide at the end of your first session that you would like to purchase a 2-session package, that is available at the discounted rate (see fees below).  

 What to Expect? 

Opening to your unconscious memories and retrieving past life material is a skill that can improve with practice, so your first experience many not be as vivid as is portrayed in many popular books about past life work.  Nevertheless, the great majority (over 85%) of the clients I have worked with retrieve past life memories their very first time, often in great detail. A small percentage go to an event from their current-life childhood which is actually more germane to the issues being investigated. Clients are usually able to receive important guidance from the inter-life state as well (that spiritual space we go when not incarnated in a human body).  

 Remote Video Conferencing Sessions

If distance from my office prevents you from having an in-person session, this option works just as well. Remote sessions simply require a bit of preparation and a good internet connection.   

 Setting Up Required

 For remote sessions, after we have scheduled a time for the actual regression, we will schedule a preparatory session of 20-30 minutes to make sure the video conferencing works adequately, and you are set up for a successful session.  We will also cover the preparatory work I do at the beginning of an in-office session.  If we determine in this initial session that technology isn’t cooperating, there will be no charge and we will cancel the regression appointment.  If systems are ‘go,’ then you will provide me with your credit card information and I will run charges the day before the actual regression, which will run up to 2 hours in length. 

You need to set yourself up with the following for both the preparatory session and the actual regression itself: 

A computer with Skype loaded.  I’ve had people use their laptops, their I-Pads, and their smart phones.  (With the smartphone, positioning is very key because you need to prop it up during the session so I can see your face, not on your lap or holding it in your hand.)  If Skype is problematic, I have also used Facetime to do a session if you’re an Apple user. Headset microphone, lapel microphone, or earbuds with mike so I can hear your voice.  This is essential because many client’s voices get very soft when they are in a relaxed state. This will not record successfully, and I will have difficulty hearing you without a microphone. Quiet location where you won’t be interrupted (phones off, no pets needing to go out or prowling over keyboards please – Yes, that has happened!) A couch or comfortable recliner positioned so I can see your face during the session For the 2-hour regression itself, you might want a box of Kleenex and a blanket on hand for your own comfort.

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