Hypnosis for Test Anxiety

 Do you have a life changing exam coming up with a great deal of time and money invested into it? Is this a make or break situation? Are you having problems with just passing and not scoring at the top of your game?

 Well here is your answer. HYPNOSIS WORKS! 

How does hypnosis work for test takers? Hypnosis has been tested and proven time and time again for improving test scores and academic performance. And I have many years of experience working with people just like you by phone and Skype to help them get amazing results to create positive changes in their lives. 

It works so well because it helps you with test taking anxiety and stress which accounts for over 70% of the poor performance on exams. 

In addition, it’s also helpful with memory recall since you have stored all the information you need to pass the exam in your subconscious mind. 

Here are some of the types of exams and boards that people can achieve benefit  with by adding hypnosis to their study regimin.

 NCLEX (Nursing boards exam)   SATS   MCATS   LSATS   BAR   Real Estate exam   Respiratory exam with the NARC   LMT exam   Fire fighter / EMT exams    

 I use a three (3) step hypnosis process to help you pass your next exam. 

Hypnosis session 1- Test taking skills and performance and confidence booster    

Hypnosis session 2- Memory recall. Improve your ability to recall any previously studied information. 


Hypnosis session 3- Test taking anxiety. Prevent any blocks that cause you to blank or answer incorrectly when you knew the information    


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